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CSTO2NE at Enerstock: Improve the energy efficiency of buildings

Event Highlight: CSTO2NE at Enerstock 2024

From June 5th to 7th, 2024, the CSTO2NE consortium participated in Enerstock 2024, a leading international conference on energy storage. This prestigious event, held in Lyon (France), brought together hundreds of experts to discuss the latest advancements in science, policies, and the deployment of energy storage technologies. Organized every three years by the IEA Energy Storage Technology Collaboration Programme, Enerstock is a critical platform for knowledge exchange and innovation in the energy sector.

How reinforced-textile and Phase Change Materials can improve the thermal behavior of buildings ?

During the conference, the CSTO2NE consortium was represented by the UDL team, who delivered an impactful oral presentation. Emiliano Borri presented the study titled "Synergistic Effect of Textile-Reinforced Mortar and Phase Change Materials in Buildings". The presentation highlight the potential of combining textile-reinforced mortars (TRM) and phase change materials (PCM) as a solution to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. This innovative approach addresses the critical need for sustainable building materials that can contribute to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The study presented by Emiliano Borri demonstrated how these materials can synergistically improve the thermal performance of buildings, making a significant contribution to the construction sector's sustainability goals.

Participation in events like Enerstock 2024 is crucial for the CSTO2NE consortium to disseminate research findings, foster collaborations, and drive forward the agenda of sustainable development. The insights gained and shared during these conferences contribute to the long-term goals of the consortium, ensuring that our research continues to have a broad and lasting impact.


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