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Consortium events & work session

The CSTO2NE project's dissemination strategy is designed to maximize the impact of the research and innovations developed throughout the course of the project.

Meetings & Workshops (strategic & technical meetings, design & ideative workshops, follow-up briefings) are scheduled regularly throughout the 4-year period to fulfil the consortium's objectives.


Kick-Off Meeting: Feb. 2023

Launch at Silesian University

​Agenda & Outputs:

  • Project launch & Consortium Agreement

  • Presentation of consortium members' specialties and research areas

  • Definition & Specification of research areas for CSTO2NE

  • First-year roadmap planning


Training Seminar: Apr. 2023

Knowledge Share & Project Framing at Brunel University

​Agenda & Outputs:

  • Biomimicry for improved CO2 handling;

  • Phytomining of nanomaterial : a new way of dealing with contamination;

  • Solid Pollutants and Landfills;

  • Accelerated carbonation technology;

  • Upscaling soil remediation and metal recovery.

Photo workshop 25.04.23

Training Seminar & Co-Design Workshop: 

July 2023

First Workshop at Silesian University of Technology

​Agenda & Outputs:

  • Waste management;

  • CO2 absorption;

  • Business perspectives for eco-design use cases.


Training Seminar Biomimicry : Oct. 2023

Second Training Seminar & Co-Design Wokrshop at Bioxegy

​Agenda & Outputs:

  • CSTO2NE use cases for Biomimicry : soil carbon sequestration, phytomining, biomineralization;​

  • Ideative & Technical workshop to innovate and design solutions for the use cases.


Steering Committee: November 2023


​Agenda & Outputs:

  • Business opportunities for CSTO2NE;

  • Expected outputs of new concepts;

  • Further research areas.

pexels-fauxels-3184292 (1).jpg


Training Seminar - Thermal energy storage for building applications: March 2024

Training Seminar at Leida

​Agenda & Outputs:

  • Thermal energy storage: basic principles & opportunities;

  • Focus on Phase Change Materials : maturity, use cases, industries, benefits, limits...

  • Opening & Discussions on LCA.


Final First Year Meeting: March 2024

Progress review meeting at Leida

​Agenda & Outputs:

  • Review of the workpackages;

  • Achievements & improvmens;

  • Next Year agenda & objectives.


Training Seminar - Circular Economy for construction products : June 2024

Training Seminar with a variety of stakeholders at Madrid

Seminars on various topics given by experts:

  • Carbon Sequestration | IIT-Madras​

  • Plasterboard Recycling | PLADUR ALGÍSS​
  • Government agencies & Sustainability | Madrid Housing Agency
  • Indus. 4.0, Design Technologies & Data processing | UPM
  • Digital Passports & Circular Transitions | UPM

Workshop 2 - Delivery : June 2024

Workshop at Madrid

Agenda & Outputs:​

  • Establishment of strategies to test and improve prototypes;

  • Discussion on new eco-design or use cases;

  • Discussion on the involvement of new stakeholders on the consortium.

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