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Using CO2 as a resource ?

Trees are doing it, CSTO2NE is working on it.

CSTO2NE is focusing on the development of carbon-absorbent eco-materials through innovative technologies. Of the focus area of the consortium is a prospective technology: DARKCO2.

Similar to how trees utilize CO2 in photosynthesis, the DARKCO2 technology harnesses carbon dioxide as a valuable resource to create solutions with diverse applications across the environment, infrastructure, construction, and other economic sectors.

How does it work ?

DARKCO2 is designed to utilize CO2 in the development of products derived from calcium and magnesium-rich industrial waste and by-products.

Under specific conditions of humidity, temperature, and pressure, these materials harden through the absorption of carbon dioxide.

This process can produce various construction products, both structural and non-structural, potentially replacing Portland cement or other binders partially or completely.

What's the point ?

One of the significant advantages of DARKCO2 technology is its applicability across multiple industries. It is particularly beneficial for prefabricated construction products, such as masonry blocks, presenting a profitable and scalable business opportunity.

By incorporating DARKCO2, industries like construction, energy, steel, and paper and pulp can leverage CO2 and waste materials to produce sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Moreover, DARKCO2 offers the possibility to economically utilize CO2 captured from other industries, such as lime and biomass, fostering the development of regional and national business models.

By doing so, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting circular economy practices, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Join us in our journey towards a greener future with DARKCO2, where CO2 is not just a by-product but a valuable resource for sustainable development.


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