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Biomimicry Workshop at Beira !

Dernière mise à jour : 26 juin

Some members of the CSTO2NE consortium organize a workshop focusing on biomimcriy at the University of Beira interior !

The idea was to identify how biomimicry could be used to design bio-inspired carbon absorbent materials?

Bioxegy's team & UBI's team spent the day discussing various technical issues and innovation methodologies to identify innovative solutions to solve this major challenge.

Program of the workshop:

  • Introduction of Bioxegy and it's methodology

  • Presentation of interesting materials and structures in living organisms

  • Workshop Part 1 - Selection and study of one biological material

    • Presentation of targeted industrial materials and their properties

  • Workshop Part 2 - Selection and analysis of one industrial material. Design of bio-inspired innovation to improve it’s properties

    • Presentation of the elements to take into account to develop a business plan

  • Workshop Part 3 - Design of a business plan for the designed product

  • Workshop Part 4 - Final design of the product

  • Next Steps & future collaborations


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