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First workshop with CSTO2NE

Dernière mise à jour : 1 juin 2023

📆On April 25th, CSTO2NE hosted it's first workshop.

🇬🇧The workshop took place in Brunel University in London.

💡For newbies, CSTO2NE is a European project that aims to develop new and innovative carbon adsorbent technologies using biomimicry ! It’s a 4 year program funded by the EU 🇪🇺, that wil allow team members to travel and work with their partners across Europe.

🎯The aim of this meeting was to introduce each others expertise more precisely and better understand the role and the contribution of each teammate to the project. Biomimicry, Phytomining, Carbon Capture, Carbonation and Waste recycling were to the program

🎤After an introduction by our host Xiangming ZHOU, several speakers intervened to present their research and projects:

  • João CASTRO GOMES, as coordinator from University of Beira Interior, introduced the CSTO2NE project ; 🪨

  • Torben LENAU and Tim MCGINLEY from Danish Technical University introduced their method for applying biomimicry to our problematics : how to improve CO2-handling ; 🐞

  • Uchechukwu ONWUKWE from Brunel Univeristy London introduced Phytomining as a new way of dealing with soil contamination ; 🌾

  • Elsa VIZIER and Marylore ADLER from Bioxegy introduced their biomimicry methodology and how it could be applied to CSTO2NE with exploring the biological, technical and strategical aspects of the subject ; 🌱

  • Leszek SZOJDA from Silesian University of Technology introduced the state of the art of solid pollutants and landfills in Poland ; 🗑️

  • Paula CAREY from Carbon8 introduced their technology of accelerated carbonation and how it is deployed ; 🏭

  • Simon MAY from Phyona introduced how Phytomining could be used for upscaling soil remediation and metal recovery. 🌳

The afternoon was accompanied with talks, exchanges and followed by a diner with all participants (except for the remote ones). 🥘 🍻

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