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Circular Economy for construction products : Seminar in Madrid

Event Highlights: Training Seminar in Madrid

The CSTO2NE consortium is dedicated to advancing sustainability and circular economy principles in the construction industry. Our recent training seminar in Madrid demonstrated this commitment, bringing together leading experts and participants to discuss cutting-edge topics.

What was it about ?

Carbon Sequestration as a Collateral Benefit of Using Concrete in Construction

  • Speaker: Prof. V.S. Raju, Chair Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT-Madras.

  • Overview: This session focused on the environmental impacts of concrete, life cycle assessments, and innovative carbon sequestration methods using concrete. Prof. Raju presented case studies and highlighted new types of low-impact cements like LC3.

Achieving Fully Functional Closed-Loop Recycling of Plasterboard

  • Speaker: Expert from PLADUR ALGÍSS.

  • Overview: Addressing the challenges and solutions in gypsum recycling, this session discussed the lifecycle of plasterboard, regulatory frameworks like the European Green Deal, and strategies to enhance recycling rates and reduce environmental impact.

Are Government Agencies Embracing Sustainability Certification?

  • Speaker: Representative from the Madrid Housing Agency.

  • Overview: This presentation showcased sustainable housing projects in Madrid, highlighting bioclimatic strategies, energy-efficient designs, and the incorporation of sustainability certification in public housing developments.

How Digital Passports Drive Circular Transitions: Exploring the Impact within Buildings

  • Speaker: Expert from UPM.

  • Overview: This session delved into the role of Digital Product Passports (DPP) in the construction industry, discussing how DPPs can track materials throughout their lifecycle and support circular economy goals.

Digitalization: Technologies Available to Close the Loop - Design Technologies and Data Processing

  • Speaker: Expert from UPM.

  • Overview: Focusing on the integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and blockchain technologies, this session highlighted the potential of digitalization to enhance information management and operational efficiency in the construction industry.

The seminar provided an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and fostered discussions on implementing sustainable practices across various sectors. We are excited to continue our work in promoting innovative solutions for a greener future.


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