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Co-design workshop 2 with CSTO2NE

Dernière mise à jour : 25 mars

📆From October 23rd to 25th, CSTO2NE hosted its second co-design workshop !

🇫🇷The workshop took place at Bioxegy in Paris, France.

CSTO2NE team members gathered for the meeting
Launch of the co-design workshop at Bioxegy

💡For newbies, CSTO2NE 🪨 is project that uses biomimicry to design eco-materials while using biomineralization principles. 🌊 The project also aims to conceive sustainable business models around these products. ♻️

🎯The aim of this meeting was to come up with new ideas of technologies for this project. The workshop was organized on three days alterning presentations, ideation and discovery.

📜On Monday morning, some participants presented their work and progress in relation to CSTO2NE.

Team in the ideation workshop
Team in the ideation workshop

🧠Monday afternoon and Tuesday were dedicated to ideation in a hackathon format, alterning between research 🧪, ideation 💡and development ⚙️. The first part focused on technological aspects, the second on innovation through biomimicry 🌱and the last one on business and development plans as well as leads priorization.

🧑‍🏫On Wednesday morning, the whole team gathered again to present each group's work and discuss important matters related to the development of the CSTO2NE project.

🍽️After a french lunch (galettes and crepes)🫓, some of the team members explored 🏙️ Paris mineralogy museum. It is a museum that is part of the School Mines de Paris ⛏️, and has one of the biggest collections in the world : over 100 000 pieces, among them about 4000 are presented to the general public. Some displayed minerals are exceptional : gems of the french crown, meteorite, moon and Mars rocks, standart samples, ... 💎


The team was very enthousiastic with the results !

Here are their testamonies :

João 🇵🇹 : Thanks for the excellent workshop ! We'll all go back home with a smile from ear to ear ! Torben 🇩🇰: Once again, thank you for your warm welcome at Paris and BIOXEGY and for organising the CSTO2NE 2nd Co-Design Workshop. Besides being impeccably organised, I was also very fruitful. Antonia 🇪🇸 : First of all congratulations on the development of the workshop. It has been very intense but very instructive in relation to the biomimetic approach.


Stay tuned for further update soon !

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